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Jean Rogers


Speaker, Author, Education & Parenting Consultant


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Guilt-free ways to handle kids + technology...

Invite Child Development and Technology expert Jean Rogers to bring sanity, humor and even calm to the conversation. Jean is Director of the Children’s Screen Time Action Network. She has helped schools, corporations, communities and families achieve balance.

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“I am so grateful to you!  You have no idea how your words and writing have helped our family.” 


Laura Derrendinger, RN and mom of 4

How Jean Can Help 

Return To Wonder

Welcome to a place where we can meet to think about those people, places, routines and rituals that bring meaning to our daily lives and perspective to technology’s place in it. A blog for this time. A time to read and reflect.

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Parent Coaching

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Webinars & Podcasts



"Jean has a knack for making large online audiences feel like they're present at a community event. Warm, yet authoritative, Jean helps people feel like their time online with her is time well spent." 

Criscillia Benford, PhD

 Professor, Researcher, and Thought Leader


"One of the leading voices in digital wellness, Jean’s work ensures that we can preserve the essence of childhood—imagination, creative play, and warm, loving family relationships. Whether speaking or facilitating, Jean helps groups make sense of the confusing data around children’s screen time and achieve goals that bring back equilibrium."

Tiffany Shlain

Filmmaker, Author, Internet Pioneer

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“Jean has been able to help children and families navigate digital issues effectively, ensuring that children have healthier and happier outcomes.”

Doug Gentile, PhD

Author, Game On! Sensible Answers About Video Games and Media Violence

Professor, Psychology, Media Research Lab, Iowa State University 

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“Kids Under Fire is a very readable, very positive, and very useful guide to dealing with electronic media in a healthy way.”


Craig A. Anderson, Distinguished Professor, Director, Center for Study of Media Violence, Iowa State University

“… prepared to feel empowered.”


Diane Levin, Ph.D., Professor of Education, Boston University


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