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About Me

Speaker, Author, Education & Parenting Consultant

Have we met? Over the past 4 years, I’ve met so many wonderful people through my work as Director of the Children’s Screen Time Action Network. I was featured in the 2020 Digital Wellness Collaborative Report 2020 as one of 12 thought leaders in the field. My approach is to guide, not direct. I help schools, corporations, parents and kids embrace simple solutions to complex tech-life issues.

I am a speaker who compels an audience to think, a writer who makes meaning of daily struggles, and an educator who encourages people to tap their inner knowing while learning the facts.

I’m an innovative communicator and do particularly well communicating with children at their developmental level. In the early 2000s, my passions switched from marketing and general writing to writing about children and media. I saw the massive transformation in how generations engaged with life and wanted to support real living and learning in the children that would one day become our leaders.

I received my M.S.Ed. from Wheelock College where my graduate research focused on media literacy and children’s screen time.

I am a Certified Parent Educator specializing in how screen media impacts family life and child development. As a speaker, I have taken on issues such as social media’s impact on teens, strengthening families through screen time management, and screen impact on infant mental health. My book, Kids Under Fire, has helped many families learn to empower children to make healthy screen choices themselves.  

As Director of the Children’s Screen Time Action Network, I lead a collaborative global community of practitioners, educators, advocates and parents working to reduce excessive screen use and preserve childhood.  As a digital wellness leader, I feel a grave responsibility to guide people to compassionate solutions that improve the lives of children, families and individuals.

I provide consulting to small screen time non-profits to help them gain traction in a growing and critical field. I also consult with departments in large organizations that wish to bring screen time to the forefront of their work. Finally, corporate wellness programs turn to me to provide workshops and resources to employees and their families.

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