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Jean speaks to the heart of an audience, acknowledging people’s fears about children’s screen time, walking them through practical, proven methods to keep it in check and illuminating basic child development concepts as they apply to children’s digital environments.


Sample Speaking Topics

Family Digital Wellness Plans That Work

Young Children and Screens

The One Thing You Really Need to Know

School-Aged Kids and Screens

Parenting with Confidence

How to Communicate with Parents Effectively About Kids and Screens

Educators/Clinicians Edition

Social Media and Video Games

How They Ensnare Our Kids and What We Can Do

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Digital Wellness Leaders Agree...

"Jean Rogers is a guiding light for parents, educators and professionals seeking tools and timeless wisdom around the impact of screens and our children."

Dana Tuttle, MD

Director, Outcomes Health Information Solutions

San Francisco, California

"Jean's impact as a speaker comes from her eloquence and her ability to convey knowledge and research in a form that is engaging, relatable and highly applicable. But even more than that, it is her passion for the topics she speaks on and her ability to empathize with others easily that move the audience."

Teodora Pavkovic

Psychologist and International Speaker

"Jean has a knack for making large online audiences feel like they're present at a community event. Warm, yet authoritative, Jean helps people feel like their time online with her is time well spent."

Criscillia Benford, PhD

Professor, Researcher, and Thought Leader

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