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Digital Distractions are Losing You Sales

Save Your Money 

The average employee spends 31% of their workday accessing digital content that is not related to their job, and almost 10% of their day tending to personal tasks on their phone.

What if your sales team had 40% of their work week freed up from digital distractions? What would that look like for you, and what would that look like for your team’s quota? 

Sales teams churn through thousands of dollars in enablement tools every month. Most of those tools promise small bumps in productivity and don't deliver. 

Jean Rogers' delivers more than most software stacks by decoupling your team from digital distractions; giving you more hours and more focus. 

Feel Better

According to Thrive Global, 67% of salespeople say they work in a "high stress" work environment, close to experiencing burnout.* High performing salespeople report working 56 hours per week on average.


Employees who work with fewer digitial distractions provide focused accomplishment and acheive a feeling of success which breeds loyalty and job satisfaction.  

Jean will show you how to reduce stress levels by minimizing distractions, and improve focus to reduce the need for long nights.


We know stress is part of the job, but we'd love to give you the tools to manage that stress to improve your wellbeing, and improve your sales.



*The State of Burnout in the Sales Industry, Thrive Global 

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